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Youtube channel

Youtubers + aspiring youtubers

Starting and managing a YouTube channel can seem daunting. Cupcake Rapture offers services that will help smooth out the process at any stage!

Stage one

You're Just Starting

  • Brand development 

    • Logo creation ​

    • Purpose statement

    • Tone + style

  • Profile creation + set up

    • Anchor video​

    • Banner design

    • Playlist organization

  • Intro and Outro video

  • Content management 

    • Production scheduling ​

    • Content pitch meetings 

  • Market analysis 

    • Trend monitoring ​

    • Video performance 

    • Predictive content planning

Stage two

You Need A Producer

Stage three

You HATE Editing

  • Content archiving 

  • Video editing 

  • Music sourcing 

  • Content uploading

working with us

You shoot - we Edit

Perfect If :

You're out of state or out of country

You already have content in the can

You film vlog style 

You already have a crew

we shoot - we Edit

Perfect If :

You're looking to elevate production value

You don't want to think about the camera

You want problem-solvers on the spot 

You need stylized shots


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