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Script Coverage

Do You Need Script Coverage?


Phaedra Benford is an award-winning producer and script reader with over 7 years of experience. Phaedra started her script reading career at Eclectic Pictures (London Has Fallen, Late Bloomer) and has since read for Netflix, Universal, and Paramount to provide in-depth coverage at the studio level. In addition to reading for these studios, Phaedra has read for BWIF (Black Writers In Focus), a program backed by the Lin Manuel-Miranda’s Miranda Family Fund, Warnermedia, and Rideback (It, Lego Movie, Aladdin). Lastly, Phaedra is currently a featured reader with who consistently works with Universal, Paramount, and Hulu.  

Grammer Editing


Our script coverage is in-depth, growth-focused, and collaborative. Our base services are based on page length with additional a-la-carte services to cover all your needs.

Ideal for Shorts and Pilots

+ 1200 - 1500 words notes

+ Elements Score Sheet 

+ Pass / Consider / Recommend

< 50 



Ideal for Feature Length Scripts

*$3/ Page over 120

+ 1200 - 1500 words notes

+ Elements Score Sheet 

+ Pass / Consider / Recommend


51 - 120


On-page, line-by-line notes with specific references and suggestions. 

+ 1200 - 1500 words notes

+ Elements Score Sheet 

+ Pass / Consider / Recommend








A synopsis boils down your script into the key beats. Adding a synopsis is a great option for those pitching to studios or seeking an agent. 

Follow Up Consultation 


This is a great opportunity to dive deeper into your coverage and get a further explanation of my points. It's also a great option to ask more detailed and specific questions. 

Episodic Bundle


Have you written a whole series? Our episodic bundle offers coverage on up to 8 episodes plus a review of your series bible. 

Get an idea of how your series flows as a whole through notes focused on your entire arc rather than individual episode arcs.

What Is Script Coverage?

Script coverage provides the reader with objective, constructive, professional notes on what's working and what isn't in their script

Coverage typically includes a grading system to let the writer know what standard they are reaching based on several  essential story elements 


Who Needs Script Coverage?

  • Writers seeking representation or an agent

  • Writers pitching their projects to studios/ production companies

  • Writers suffering from writer's block

  • Writer's needing a fresh set of eyes on their script

  • Screenplay festivals

Order Coverage

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* $3 / page over 120

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